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To dial Israel from abroad, dial the country code for Israel 972 followed by the area code without the “0” (for example to dial 04-7654321, dial 972-4- 7654321).


While in Israel, overseas calls can be placed through a number of different phone companies from your mobile phone or land phone in your hotel or other accommodation.













Overseas call rates vary according to the destination.


Direct dialing overseas: dial the three-digit dial code of the company (e.g. 012, 013 ...) followed by the country code, area code, and telephone number.


Reversed charge (collect) phone calls: can be made from any public telephone. Dial "1800-013013 ", “188” or "1-800-012012" for the international operator.



Cellular Phones

Cellular phones are very popular in Israel. You can rent one at Ben Gurion International Airport or contact your hotel receptionist.

There are three main companies operating cellular phone networks - Pelephone, Cellcom, and Orange.

It is against the law in Israel to talk on a cellular phone while driving without using a speaker phone. When you rent a car and plan to use a cellular phone, request a car with a speakerphone.


Internet and e-mail

Most Israelis are connected to the Internet, many have websites and can be contacted by email.

There are Internet cafes in the major cities which charge by the hour.

In many public places you can connect your personal laptop through "hot spots" (open wirless gateway) free of charge.

Some hotels provide Internet access for guests, and the more exclusive ones have Internet connections in the rooms as well.


Post Office

Most post offices open at 8:00 - 12:30 Sunday through Friday. Afternoon hours vary.

Changing Currency and Cashing Travelers’ Checks
Tourists can exchange currency or cash travelers’ checks at any post office. There are no fees for these services in post offices.


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