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Shalom* and Welcome to みつば トラベル

Your gateway to a great vacation with a different point of view


Let us introduce to you the most unique country you'll ever visit:

Travel from the Northern tip to the Southern point in one day: it may be crazy – but possible. You can travel from Israel's Eastern border to its Western coastline in less than 3 hours including a coffee break!

Ski on Mount Hermon in the North, then get sun tanned and take a dip in the Red Sea in the South on the very same day!

BUT - to really enjoy the place - please come and spend some time here (a week is the minimum for only a taste).

There are so many sites, views, tastes, colors, different people with different cultures…  There are sports activities - extreme or conventional  such as golf, hiking, water sports, scuba diving, sky diving, snapling, unique nature reserves, archeological parks, resorts, spa, romantic spots, good food and excellent wine and if you still have some energy left at the end of the day - there are just so many clubs and places to visit.

We at  みつば トラベル  invite you to come and visit Israel - an experience you'll never forget!

We invite you to browse our site, and please contact us to plan your next dream holiday according to your wishes and desires.


* Shalom (שָׁלוֹם) is a Hebrew word meaning peace, hello, goodbye and wellbeing. Daily used as a greeting to either say hello or farewell.



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