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Israel is well endowed with numerous located all over the country. Tell us what you are interested in and we'll tell you where you can find an exhibition related to your wishes.

You can go to the unique children museum with its special exhibitions, historical museums. There are plenty of art, scientific and nostalgic exhibitions, open air museums and many other museums to suit your liking.

Please see a list of museums in the link: List of museums  or contact us for more information.

Opening hours vary. Please check at your hotel

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Israel is a living paradise for music lovers. You can attend a concert performed by The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.  Its much appreciated musical director, Mr.  Zubin Mehta, is considered to be one of the greatest conductors and musicians in the world. If you prefer a different sound - you can choose between the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, the Ramat Gan Orchestra, the Be'er Sheva Simfonetta, the Israeli Chamber Orchestra and more…...

For concert schedules and tickets you may contact us in advance or check at your hotel.

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Being an immigrants' country, Israeli theater represents the wonderful mixture of many cultural origins. There are numerous small and large theater groups of various styles and genres.

The first theater professionals in Israel were immigrants who came to the country from Europe and Russia and found a Middle-Eastern culture. These people created a legacy that maintains an intense dialogue with innovative modern theatrical thinking.


Ha-Bima Theater was originated in Russia, and is now considered to be Israel's national theater company. The Ha-Bima Theater group presents both classical and contemporary plays. It was the only theater group in the country until 1945.

Ha-Kameri Theater was established in Tel Aviv in 1945. It was the first municipal theater company, offered a local, Israeli alternative to Ha-Bima. Its actors were younger, their Hebrew was more fluent, and the plays they presented differed from Ha-Bima, which was influenced by Eastern European Theater. To this day the two theater groups differ in style. Ha-Kameri attempts to deal with social and political issues and to place emphasis upon the contemporary, daring aspects of the theater, while Ha-Bima continues to combine classical plays with original Israeli material and contemporary plays from Europe and the United States.

Other theater companies in Israel include:

Tsavta  - mainly fringe theater.

Gesher  Theater caters to the Russian-speaking and Eastern European theater audience.

The Haifa Theater is a large, contemporary theater group which organizes an annual theater festival of children's plays, and also presents plays in Arabic.

The Yaffo Arab-Jewish Theater presents local material of an alternative nature.

The Be'er Sheva Theater is a large theater group located in Be'er Sheva. The group performs original productions and hosts plays from other theaters.  

The Khan is a unique theater company in Jerusalem that performs in a building that was formerly a Turkish Baths. The building provides an intimate atmosphere to the Khan Company's performances.

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Israeli dance has won much recognition in the past few decades. There are a few dance companies, representing and performing different styles.

The Israeli Ballet performs a rich repertoire of classical ballet.

Bat Sheva is an internationally renowned modern dance company. Its artistic director, Ohad Naharin, is considered to be one of the most renowned choreographers in the world.

The Kibbutz Dance Company is a popular dance company that originated in the northern kibbutz Ga'aton. It performs to adults and children and choreographed by Rami Be'er. Its performances of modern dance have been acclaimed throughout the world.

Other well-known dance companies include Bat Dor, Inbal, the Noa Dar Company, and Miyumana.

For performances schedule you may contact us in advance or check at your hotel.

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The Israeli Opera Company performs in Tel Aviv. Its repertoire includes classical compositions and modern operas as well as contemporary versions of operas written for the European opera

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Israel is a paradise for festivals. There are festivals throughout the year, including both local and international productions. There are many different kinds of them such as music festivals, art festivals, children related festivals, film festivals, street festivals, food and drinks festivals etc. You may find out which festival takes place during your visit or plan your visit according to the festival's schedule.

The Israel Festival - held in Jerusalem each year during May and June. The festival features performances of music, dance, and theater from around the world.

The Karmiel Dance Festival - held in the northern city of Karmiel each July. The festival includes dance performances and public folk dancing sessions.

The Acre (Ako) Alternative Theater Festival - Acre hosts a festival of alternative theater each year during the holiday of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). Alternative theater productions are staged indoors and on the street.

The Eilat International Jazz Festival - takes place during the last week in August in Eilat. Front-line jazz musicians gather at the event, which is of interest to jazz lovers and musicians from Israel and abroad. 


For more details please contact us in advance or check at your hotel.

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