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Driving in Israel


All drivers from abroad are required to be in possession of a valid international driver’s license.

Driving in Israel is on the right and sign posting is in Hebrew. Signs on highways and main roads are in three languages: Hebrew, Arabic and English.

Seat belts are mandatory at all times for driver and passengers, front and back. Babies and children under 9 years old must sit in baby car-seat or booster. When renting a car it is advisable to state the age of the children traveling along and to make sure there will be suitable seats available in the car.

Children under the age of 14 are forbidden to ride in the front seat.

Starting November 1st until March 31st headlights are compulsory on all inter-city roads, even during daylight hours and sunny days.

Speed limits: 50 km per hour in built-up areas, 80 km per hour on other inter-urban roads, 90-110 km per hour on inter-urban highways.

It is against the law in Israel to talk on a cellular phone while driving without using a speaker phone. If you are renting a car and plan to use a cellular phone, request a car with a speakerphone.

It is against the law in Israel to drive under the influence of alcohol.



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