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General Information

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Make sure to pack any written prescriptions and / or prescription medicines you need. Israel has international standard medical services and facilities. Hotels can help you, if you need urgent attention.

It is advisable to pack a small medical kit, although in the numerous pharmacies, dispersed everywhere in Israel, you can obtain everything you need.

A sample suggestion for the content of such kit:

Pain reliever, antihistamine (for any allergy, insect bites etc.), stomach problem reliever, band-aids for minor injuries, insect repellent, sunscreen, suntan lotion, lip guard etc.

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It is highly recommended to have a travel insurance policy to cover medical problems, property loss and theft. Please consult your travel agent for recommendation.

If you participate in any special sports, check to ensure your special cover needs are met.

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Smoking is prohibited on public buildings,  public transportation, museums etc. In most restaurants there are designated non-smoking sections.

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Tipping is fairly standard in Israel, and warmly welcome. 10-12 percent is considered fair. A service charge may or may not be listed on your restaurant bill.  Usually a tip is expected, and at better-quality establishments, 12-15 percent is considered more appropriate. However - it is not a must and is subject to one's satisfaction of service received.

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No place in the world is 100% safe but Israel is a relatively safe country to travel in. In the past few years the security situation in Israel has been increasingly calm. As a result, tourism to Israel has been growing steadily and last year alone approximately 2 million tourists visited the country. 

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Traveling to neighboring countries

It is possible to travel between Israel, Jordan and Egypt. You should check with the relevant embassies if you need a visa to these countries

Entering Palestinian Authority areas (outside of the Israeli responsibility)

Passage to the two major tourist cities of Bethlehem and Jericho in the Palestinian Authority is direct without prior clearance or required authorization. 

Regarding the rest of the Palestinian areas, it is recommended to forward requests to the IDF Public Relations Office, Fax:  +972-2-5305724.  All requests should include:  Name, passport nationality and number, destination, name of departure into Palestinian Area Crossing if known; if crossing is by car - name and details of driver as well as car registration number.  Fax replies will only be sent to Israeli phone/fax numbers.

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You can safely drink tap water in Israel. However, you will also find mineral water everywhere.

It is important to make sure you drink a lot, especially when out walking and on hot days.

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Israel for people with disabilities

Considerable efforts and resources have been invested in Israel to enable disabled persons to access any destination and to receive service that is equal to that received by the rest of the public.

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The weather in Israel is golf - friendly almost all year round. However, golf is not very popular in Israel. There are only two golf clubs in Israel today: the Caesarea golf club and the “Ga'ash golf club”.

Both Caesarea and Ga'ash (both within approximately half hour drive from Tel Aviv) are very well accommodated and enjoy a membership from a high socio-economical background. , the Caesarea golf club is the first golf club in Israel,,located in prestigious Caesarea  it enjoys a high class image.

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