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Transportation in Israel


You can tour Israel in a few different ways. It is a small country and easy to get from one place to another in a relatively short time. 

You may use public transportation, rent a car, join a day-tour or travel with a licensed car-driving guide (Eshkol Vehicle)


Public transportation

Busses are the most popular form of public transport in Israel for both local transport and intercity trips. There is regular and frequent service.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booths in the central bus station in each city or town, or from the driver. Senior citizens, children, veterans and students are entitled to discounts. Please check before purchasing your ticket. To receive a discount you must present an international document (i.e., student card) when purchasing tickets.

Most of the bus lines do not run on Saturday (Shabbat) or on Jewish holidays. Service ends on Friday afternoon and resumes Saturday evening. 

Trains serve for intercity trips. Israel Railways operates convenient, inexpensive train service.  Tickets must be purchased before boarding the train, at the ticket booths or tickets machines in the train station. Discount tickets apply. Please check before purchasing.

Trains do not operate on Saturday (Shabbat) or on Jewish holidays. Service ends on Friday afternoon and resumes Saturday evening for some lines and Sunday morning for the rest. 

You can choose to travel by taxi, but this is more expensive, particularly for inter-city trips. It is therefore preferable to use shared service taxis.

According to law, all taxis in Israel must be equipped with a meter, which must be operated for all local rides. Passengers are entitled to a printed meter receipt. The meter can be operated according to three distinct fare rates: including a telephone surcharge; the regular fare; a surcharge imposed for Saturdays, holidays and at night (between 9:00pm and 5:30 am). There is a surcharge for luggage as well. Inter-city fares are determined by an official price list which the driver must show upon request.

Passengers are advised to ask cab drivers to turn on the meter, thus avoiding unnecessary haggling.

In Israel it is not customary to tip in taxis, however rounding-up the sum to the nearest Shekel will be welcome.

Traveling long distances and don't wish to spend too much time on the roads? Several ompanies provide internal flights between Eilat and Ben Gurion Airport, Sde Dov Airport in north Tel Aviv, or Haifa.