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This year’s destination : Israel

Welcome To Israel


Holiday, vacation, relaxation, celebrations, exciting sites, history, natural wonders - this year in Israel.

Israel offers you all you could want in a destination: unique scenery, world-class hotels, holy places, fine dining, archeological sites, modern facilities, wonderful weather and fascinating, out of the ordinary activities.

Here are some of the options Israel offers you - make your choice:

Sunshine - You can find a sunny place anywhere in Israel all year round. The Dead Sea region has a unique atmosphere that works as a natural sunscreen, making it the safest place on earth to get the best tan, not to mention the natural Spa in the lowest place on earth.

Would you like to spend time beside the Seaside? In Israel you can choose whether you prefer the tranquility of the Sea of Galilee or the golden beaches of the Mediterranean or the fun-filled coast of the Red Sea in Eilat or just sit on the water and enjoy your reading in the Dead Sea.

Is history and different cultures your interest? Israel is one of only few locations on our globe, which hosts a fascinating combination of ancient holy sites of significant importance to three major religions. Spirituality and modern life walk hand in hand in the beautiful magical city of Jerusalem.

Are you a nature lover? A wide diversity of habitats within easy reach await you in Israel. Dive in the Coral Reef and swim with friendly dolphins in Eilat, watch vultures and eagles over canyons, trek on horseback on the slopes of Galilee or ride a camel in the Negev Desert. You can combine your love for nature and animals with your interest in history and visit the biblical zoo in Jerusalem. Here you can see animals from the Land of Israel with special emphasis on those species mentioned in the Bible.

During the Autumn you can witness an unbelievable number of birds stopping over for a short break on their way from the cold Northern countries to a warm Winter stay in Africa, and in the Spring - on their return home.

If you are looking for a never ending party - Tel Aviv is the place for you. The city which never sleeps offers a huge variety of clubs and bars, gourmet restaurants or a simple walk on the sea shore.

A tiny country with a huge variety of opportunities, friendly people and unique sights, a combination of things you'll never find anywhere else in the world.

We, at Mitsuba Travel, are waiting for you here, to show you all these and more

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