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What to wear?


While traveling to Israel make sure you have a hat (or any other head cover), sunscreen and sunglasses. These are extremely useful when touring under the sun. Sensible shoes are  another worthwhile idea.

For visiting the holy places you shall need modest clothing (covering the shoulders, arms  long skirts / pants and head cover for both man and woman).

Jacket and tie - only on business trips. As a tourist you are very welcome in any casual clothing.

During the summer you will need lightweight clothing - short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts, shorts, sandals, beach shoes and a bathing suit.  However packing a sweater or jacket is also a good idea, as nights in the mountains and the desert can be cool

In the winter, you will need warm clothing, a coat (preferably a raincoat as well), good shoes, an umbrella, gloves, a scarf and other warm clothing.  Weather in Israel is not cold as it is in Europe or in some parts of Japan (i.e. Hokkaido), but days can be rainy and cold.


On tours to Eilat or the Dead Sea, a bathing suit would be an asset, since it is warm enough to swim there even in the winter.

For hiking, you will need good shoes and a lot of water, either in a canteen or in several bottles (which you can purchase at any local store). A sleeping bag, tent, and camping equipment will be needed only if you are planning on sleeping outdoors.